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coincheck goes global!!


Tokyo-based start-up ResuPress Inc. operating Coincheck exchange with transactions of over $28 million/month and 16,000+ users just in Japan goes global. Customers living outside of Japan can now trade bitcoins or ethers for JPY with credit cards or via international wire transfers easily. For customer who already owns bitcoins, they can start trading by depositing their bitcoins directly to the coincheck wallet.



Since the launch of Coincheck exchange, Coincheck mainly focused on growth in Japan. Coincheck now has transactions of over $28 million/month and 16,000+ users just in Japan. Having strong transaction volume, user base and up trending Japanese cryptocurrency market, we had a lot of voice around the world asking us to support international customers. We decided to open up our market to the world, so cryptocurrency traders can enjoy trading at Coincheck.

In past few months, cryptocurrency market in Japan has changed dramatically. Recently, Japan’s executive branch of government, known as the Cabinet, has approved a set of bills aimed at modernizing the Japanese payments industry and giving recognition to virtual currencies like bitcoins for having a “function similar to real money.” This announcement has potential to boom cryptocurrency trading market in Japan. Furthermore, the price of BTC/JPY tends to be higher than other exchanges. Coincheck’s international supports will open up opportunities for international traders profiting from arbitrage.


▼How to buy Bitcoin/Ether

Customers living outside of Japan can transfer USD to our designated bank account by international wire transfer ($25 of fixed fee applies on our side). Deposited USD will be converted to JPY, free of charge. International customers can also directly purchase bitcoins via credit card.

Customers around the world have full access to Coincheck Exchange features including stop-loss trading, leveraged trading, and margin trading. Ether can be also purchased via JPY with 5x max leverage. Coincheck will soon support trading for Ether and more forex like features for professional traders.



▼Coincheck's fee-free trading campaign!

 Celebrating Coincheck's global launch coincheck exchange’s trading fee will be 0% for limited time! (Limited to customers living outside of Japan)

Fee-free(0%) trading schedule : 3.31 - 4.14

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